Tobique Pow-Wow

Last weekend I went home to my reserve for our annual pow-wow. I figured it would be a good chance to put my camera to work and catch up with some people I haven’t seen in a while. The first day of the pow-wow got rained out, so it was held in the gym of the Mah-Sos Elementary School. The next day was a bit better weather so it was moved up to the Mudwas Park where the pow-wow was originally intended to be held.

This is my first official blog post on this site, so what better than showcasing where I’m from and some of my culture.DSCF2585DSCF2592DSCF2701DSCF2743DSCF2823DSCF2918DSCF2940DSCF2960DSCF3050DSCF3097DSCF3106DSCF3116DSCF3131DSCF3163DSCF3273DSCF3285DSCF3320DSCF3358DSCF3360DSCF3368DSCF3373